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One, Two, or Four-Door Atlas Series Touchless Access Control Kits are designed & engineered in the U.S.  Atlas panels are fast & simple to install because they require no software. Instead, the panels have an embedded full-featured access control web application. Atlas panels also use minimal wiring because they support both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi communication.


There are 3 options when ordering Atlas Bluetooth Kits:

1) Atlas100-Bluetooth Kit (includes one-door atlas panel, metal enclosure, 1 KR500-BT bluetooth reader, 1 push to exit button and 10 mobile bluetooth credentials)


2)Atlas200-Bluetooth Kit (includes two-door atlas panel, metal enclosure, 2 KR500-BT bluetooth readers, 2 push to exit buttons and 10 mobile bluetooth credentials)


3)Atlas400-Bluetooth Kit (includes four-door atlas panel, metal enclosure, 4 KR500-BT bluetooth readers, 4 push to exit buttons and 10 mobile bluetooth credentials)

One Two & Four Door Touchless Access Control Kits- Atlas Bluetooth K

  • Capacity:
    Users 5,000
    Events 10,000


    Browsers Supported:


    Types of Readers Supported:
    ZKTeco KR Series readers

    3rd party 125kHz & 13.56MHz readers



    RS-485 readers



    Recommended Power:
    12V DC, 3A (PoE)    

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