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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlas360?

Atlas360 is a cloud customer management portal. Dealers who sign up will be able to access the portal with their own login to view, manage, remote into primary panels, and support their customers from anywhere.

How does Atlas360 work?

Atlas360 simply just requires a firmware update and signing up to use the platform. The primary panel will be the device connecting to the portal and the secondaries under it will also be monitored.

Through the portal you can simply select a customer’s primary panel, click to connect to it and it creates a tunnel to the onsite device where changes and updates can be done to it and all secondaries connected to it.

You can even make backups, update firmware, check hardware status and more from the portal itself without needing to access the panels interface.

This enables the dealer to be able to access all customers and panels from anywhere in the world.

Why Atlas360?

Atlas360 is for the dealer interested in generating recurring revenue and the ease and simplicity of supporting their customers remotely from everywhere eliminating the need for port forwarding or paying for expensive remote support software that needs someone on-site to provide access. Barring a physical hardware issue, Atlas360 eliminates the need of having to go on site to support their customers for
non-hardware issues.

Do I have to make any hardware changes?

No, only a firmware upgrade is required.

Is Atlas360 mandatory?

No, in the future all Atlas firmware will have the option to connect to 360 but
it is up to the dealer & their customers if they want to enable it. However,
signing up to use Atlas360 does have several perks not available to nonusers.

Can I revert to the old Atlas firmware after
updating to 360 firmware?

No, there will not be a need to. All future Atlas firmware will include the 360
option. No firmware, logic or system architecture is changed, and the panel
will still operate as normal without connecting it to the Atlas360 portal.

Do I still need to do any network configuration
or port forwarding?

No, Atlas360 has a built-in protocol that will directly communicate to the
Atlas360 portal without going through the hassle of port forwarding or doing
additional network configuration. The mobile app will not require this either.

Is any of my customers’ information stored
on the cloud?

No, all data, users, access rights, biometric templates etc. are all on the panels at the customers’ site.

What type of payments are there?

Dealers will have an annual subscription fee for access to their portal and then a yearly fee per panel added to the solution. They can then pass this cost on to their customers to generate recurring revenue.

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