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Subscribe to Altas360 and get so much more!

Subscribing to Atlas360 has numerous benefits  

Simple remote management eliminates the need for port-forwarding.  Dealers can simply log into their private Atlas360 portal and see all their customers' Atlas panels in a single view.  All your Atlas panels can be easily monitored, configured, backed up and restored, with just a few mouse clicks.    

Extended 1-year product warranty on every Atlas panel you subscribe to Atlas360.

Atlas panels normally come with a 2-year warranty. When adding out-of-warranty Atlas panels to your Atlas360 subscription, the panels' expired warrant automatically renews and is extended 12 months.  This eliminates the cost of purchasing replacement Atlas panels. 

Advanced replacement of Atlas panels. 

Same-day shipping when a problem is reported.  ZKTeco repair policy normally requires dealers shipping their Atlas panels to ZKTeco for inspection and repair before ZKTeco ships back the panels.  Total turnaround can often take 10 business days or more before a panel is repaired or replaced.  With an Atlas360 subscription, a brand new Atlas replacement panel is shipped same day as a failed panel is reported.  The Atlas360 advanced replacement policy ensures a customer's door access system has the least possible amount of downtime.

Backup and Restore Atlas customer data to the cloud.

Atlas360 makes an Atlas system recovery fast & simple.  If ever an Atlas  panel in the field becomes inoperable, simply replace the panel and quickly restore the data from your Atlas360 cloud.

Change your mind?  Unsubscribe from Atlas360 any time.  

Competing access control vendors deny you access to your customers' systems if you don't keep up with your payments.  But with an Atlas360 subscription, you maintain 100% control of all your Atlas systems if you decide to ever unsubscribe (but we hope you don't)

 Our Introductory promotion special!

Offer valid through June 30th 2023

Add 1-5 Primary Panels and get an EPIOC-M reader. (MSRP $236)

Add 6-10 Primary Panels and get an Atlas260 panel. (MSRP $1,178)

­Add 11+ Primary Panels and get an Atlas460 panel. (MSRP $1,513)

*Offer only for new customers


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